The Tower of London

The Tower of London is the oldest fortress in Europe, with close to 1,000 years of royal history within its walls, it  has been used as a prison, palace, place of execution, arsenal, mint and menagerie since its construction in 1078.

Visiting the tower is like traveling back to a time of intrigue and drama; see Henry VIII’s armour, weaponry and torture instruments in the White Tower, be dazzled by the array of royal jewels, crowns and diamonds encased in the Jewel and Martin Towers before making your way from Traitor’s Gate to join Sir Walter Raleigh in the Bloody Tower as he awaits his fate, and join Edward I in the court revelry within the Medieval Tower.

The Tower has played a prominent role in English history including housing religious prisoners such as two of Henry VIII’s six wives (Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard), both of whom were beheaded on the scaffolds at Tower Green and is one of the most visited landmarks in London.

To visit the Tower click here

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