Welcome to Chartam Business School (CBS)

  • Chartam Business School offers a unique learning experience in the heart of the financial capital of the world.
  • Our award-winning approaches to learning & teaching using professional simulation are integrated within all our programmes coupled with access to our Chartam community to support career opportunities and employability.
Gain the competitive advantage by attending CBS London and studying on our IPS programme.  

Our Vision:

At CBS we want to inspire excellence through education that equips students with necessary skills, knowledge and experience needed for employability. Our mission is to foster creativity, innovation, and educate students to the stage where upon graduation they are well-connected and have relevant experience in their field able to get not any job, but the right job for them.

We believe that employers are looking for skills beyond raw subject knowledge and that true employability is achieved through opportunity to apply academic theory to practice in real-world and practical situations. For innovation to occur we believe that content knowledge should be merged with pioneering companies and institutions to inspire the younger generations to take forward.

Our Unique Programmes:

In our aim to achieve this, we have endeavoured to developing our own unique and award-winning approach to learning and teaching – Intensive Professional Simulation (IPS). The IPS is an approach aimed at combining academic knowledge and skills and collaborating these with experiential learning fostered through the interactivity on tasks and work-based simulations overseen not only by subject academics, but also by industry practitioners and experts in a real-world setting beyond the classroom.

Our Study Abroad Programme offers a range of unique IPS modules which are designed to be adapted to our partner institutions academic, language, and assessment needs on a university credit transfer scheme and is fully accredited.

From one-month tailored options through to 2-6 month suites of electives in Business, Medicine, and Law, with optional additional modules in Academic English Language, culture, and Study Skills, we welcome partners and students from across the globe to our outstanding £120 million London Campus.




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